103+ Funny Poop Jokes for Kids of All Ages

Laugh your way through this collection of poop jokes tailored especially for kids! From funny one-liners to silly knock-knock jokes, there’s something here to tickle everyone’s funny bone. So, hold your nose, brace yourself, and get ready for a gross but giggly adventure into the realm of bathroom humor!

Best Poop Jokes for Kids

  • Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill? To get to the bottom!
  • What do you call a dinosaur that poops at a party? A party pooper!
  • Why did the poop go to the party alone? Because it couldn’t find a potty companion!
  • What is a pirate’s favorite type of poop? A “yarrrrrrd”!
  • How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little boogie in it!
  • Why did the toilet paper roll read the newspaper? It wanted to find some interesting articles!
  • What’s brown, sticky, and sneaks around the kitchen? Poo-on-a-stick!
  • How do you keep a bathroom smelling fresh? Use toilet “breezes”!
  • Why did the outhouse have no friends? It was too crude!
  • What did the toilet say to the bathtub? You’re full of yourself!
  • What’s green and sings? Elvis Parsley!
  • What do you call a rabbit in a bathroom? A tub-hopper!
  • Why was the math book sad? It had too many “problems” in it!
  • How do you make a lemon drop? Just let it hit the floor!
  • Why did the scarecrow flush the toilet? Because it heard it needed a “head”!
Cool Poop Jokes for 1-5 Years Old Kids

Cool Poop Jokes for 1-5 Years Old Kids

Silly Poop Jokes for 5-10 Years Old Kids

Silly Poop Jokes for 5-10 Years Old Kids

  • What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear!
  • Why don’t skeletons fight each other? They don’t have the guts!
  • What do you give a dog with a fever? Mustard, it’s the best thing for a hot dog!
  • Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!
  • How do you talk to a giant? Use big words!
  • Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything!
  • What do you call a pile of cats? A meowtain!
  • How do you catch a squirrel with a Slinky? Just start at the top and go for a “springkle”!
  • Why was the computer cold? It left its Windows open!
  • What starts with a P, ends with an E, and has thousands of letters? The Post Office!
  • What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire? Frostbite!
  • Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!
  • What did one wall say to the other wall? I’ll meet you at the corner!
  • What did one elevator say to the other elevator? I think I’m coming down with something!
  • How do you catch a squirrel? Climb a tree and act like a nut!
Clever Poop Jokes for 10-15 Years Old Kids

Clever Poop Jokes for 10-15 Years Old Kids

  • What did one watermelon say to the other? You’re one in a “melon”!
  • Why don’t eggs tell jokes? They might “crack” up!
  • What did the traffic light say to the car? Don’t look, I’m changing!
  • What do you call a bear that lost its teeth? A gummy bear!
  • Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything!
  • How does the moon cut its hair? Eclipse it!
  • What is the musical part of a snake? Its scales!
  • Why did the golfer bring an extra pair of pants? In case he got a hole in one!
  • Why couldn’t the leopard play hide and seek? Because it was always spotted!
  • How do you organize a space party? You “planet”!
  • Why don’t ducks tell jokes when they’re flying? Because they might quack up!
  • Why did the computer go to the doctor? It had a virus!
  • What do you give a sick bird? Tweetment!
  • How does a dog stop a video? It presses the “paws” button!
  • What’s the best thing about Switzerland? I don’t know, but their flag is a huge plus!
Hilarious Knock Knock Poop Jokes for Kids

Hilarious Knock Knock Poop Jokes for Kids

  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Poop.
        • Poop who?
          • Poo-poo-pa-choo! I’m here to make you laugh!
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Urine.
        • Urine who?
          • Urine for a good laugh with this next joke!
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Lettuce.
        • Lettuce who?
          • Lettuce in and we’ll tell you a funny poop joke!
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Olive.
        • Olive who?
          • Olive the toilet seats up, can you please put it down?
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Butch.
        • Butch who?
          • Butch your arms around me, it’s time for a poop joke!
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Alpaca.
        • Alpaca who?
          • Alpaca the toilet paper, it’s running low!
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Cows go.
        • Cows go who?
          • No silly, cows go “moo”!
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Harry.
        • Harry who?
          • Harry up and flush the toilet!
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Justin.
        • Justin who?
          • Justin time for a poop joke!
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Figs.
        • Figs who?
          • Figs your nose and let’s laugh together!
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Broken pencil.
        • Broken pencil who?
          • Forget it, it’s pointless!
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Orange.
        • Orange who?
          • Orange you glad we’re joking about poop?
  • Knock, knock.
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Woody.
        • Woody who?
          • Woody you like to hear another poop joke?
  • Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
      • Boo.
        • Boo who?
          • Don’t cry, it’s just a funny joke!

Story Poop Jokes for Kids

  • Once upon a time, a little poop named Charlie went on an adventure to find the perfect toilet. Along the way, he met many characters: a talking plunger, a grumpy roll of toilet paper, and even a magical bidet. In the end, Charlie found his match, a clean and cozy bathroom, where he could happily rest until the next big flush!
  • In a small town called Poopville, the mayor decided to organize a silly poo-themed festival. There were poo-shaped balloons, poo-inspired food, and even a game called “Pin the Plunger on the Toilet.” The whole town laughed and had a stinkerific time!
  • Timmy, the mischievous little boy, played a prank on his sister by putting fake poop on her pillow. When she discovered it, she squealed in disgust, but then Timmy burst into laughter, revealing that it was all just a joke. They both ended up laughing together and decided to plan an even funnier prank for their parents.
  • Once upon a time, in a magical land called Pootopia, a group of friendly poop emojis decided to start a comedy club. They called it “The Laughing Loaf” and invited all their poop friends from different emoji realms. They told funny jokes about toilet paper, plunger adventures, and even bathroom mishaps. The laughter echoed throughout Pootopia, spreading joy to all the residents.
  • In a silly contest called “Potty Olympics,” participants attempted to break records related to bathroom activities. There were events like the longest flush, the highest toilet paper throw, and even a race to unroll a whole roll with one hand. The competitors, both kids and adults, had a blast and made everyone laugh with their hilarious attempts.

Key Takeaways

Poop jokes may seem silly and gross, but they hold a special place in the realm of children’s humor. Kids of all ages can’t help but burst into laughter at the mention of bathroom jokes. These jokes not only provide a good laugh but also help lighten the mood and create a fun atmosphere.

Humor, including poop jokes, has several benefits for kids. It promotes social connection, strengthens bonds, and boosts their emotional well-being. Laughter releases endorphins, which are natural mood-boosting hormones, and can even improve cognitive function.

So, while poop jokes may be seen as “bathroom humor,” it’s important to embrace the joy and laughter they bring to children. It’s a reminder that even the mundane and seemingly gross aspects of life can be turned into something amusing and entertaining. So, let’s celebrate the hilarity of poop jokes and create cherished moments of laughter and fun with our kids.

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